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We help businesses find the best commercial mirrors that suit customer needs, lifestyles, and artistic preferences. Check out our elegant line of mirror products now.

Led Salon Mirror

Enhance your business space with Mirrotic’s LED salon mirror which comes with elegant adjustable lighting options and sleek design. Choose between a variety of mirror sizes, shapes, and designs with front or backlighting that’s equipped with anti-fog and magnifier features.

led mirror for salon
salon mirrors with lights
led lighted salon mirror full length

commercial bathroom mirrors

Stunning and durable, we have a variety of commercial restroom mirrors that provide convenience and beauty at the same time with their copper-free and anti-blackening material in elegant shapes and designs that can be fully customized according to your needs.

commercial mirrors for bathrooms
commercial bathroom mirror
commercial restroom mirror

dressing room mirror

Timeless and fashionable, Mirrotic’s dressing room mirror is intelligently designed with 6-layered glass for enhanced protection and natural reflection. Plus, it’s fully equipped with a non-shatter film for extra durability. It is easy to install and remove, so you can reposition it as you desire for optimal experience.

dressing room mirror
fitting room mirror
dressing room mirrors with lights

Why choose Mirrotic

Product Customization

We help you make your creativity and professional vision come to life with our product customization opportunities that align with your needs.

Proven Industry Authority

With local/global standards and ISO certification, Mirrotic has established strong and loyal partnerships with international companies in South America, Australia, and Europe.

Professional Market Advice

With our team of design experts, we’ll help you develop commercial mirrors that suit your target demographics and other factors, such as location, lifestyle, and usage patterns.

sustainable production system

We aim to align our business efforts with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to help address and spread awareness of important concerns in the local and global community.


In line with sustainability, Mirrotic includes water recycling, proper waste disposal, and eco-friendly packaging. 


We strive to be an example of a feasible and environment-reliant company while becoming an industry giant in commercial mirror production.

Complete quality inspection process

From LED salon mirrors to commercial bathroom mirrors, Mirrotic’s dedicated team of experts strives for quality and timely production. 


Our quality control department oversees product inspections from in-house, on-site, or third-party evaluators to ensure you get the best commercial mirrors prior to delivery.


We also provide outstanding and transparent communication and support for production inquiries and updates.

Employee Care

Mirrotic is an advocate of providing a healthy and efficient working environment for its people.


We care about the welfare of our employees. So, we created a more sustainable production site by engineering reliable water recycling and dust removal systems to reduce our team’s exposure to harmful particles, especially crushed glass.


Mirrotic also ensures that each employee in our production sites is equipped with full protective gear and supplies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our warranty policy offers 2 years for returns or refunds.

The mirror may be irradiating heat because the demister is on. Please check if it’s off.

To clean your mirror, mix 95% water and 5% isopropyl alcohol in a spray bottle. Spray the solution onto a microfiber cloth or chamois and wipe the mirror until there are no traces of moisture. This will help avoid corrosion and properly clean the mirror.

It depends on the specific mirror. Some mirrors can be plugged in, while others need to be hardwired. You should check the manufacturer’s instructions or consult with an electrician to determine the appropriate installation method for your mirror.

No, you do not need a driver/transformer or an LED driver as the product already includes them.

Yes, the mirror is IP44 rated.

Yes, you can install the mirror both horizontally and vertically.

A copper-free mirror refers to the coating on the back of the mirror that is resistant to corrosion and blackening (oxidation), which can occur in traditional silver mirrors due to exposure to moisture in the air.

A front-illuminated mirror has the light source located in front of the mirror and typically produces a brighter, more evenly lit reflection. A back-illuminated mirror has the light source located behind the mirror, which emits light towards the wall it is mounted on. This can create different effects depending on the color and finish of the wall, and is often used for added ambiance in a room.

 The thickness of the glass is either 4mm or 5mm.

The best color temperature for a bathroom mirror depends on the desired use. For makeup application, it is recommended to use a ‘daylight’ or ‘cool white’ LED-lit mirror to achieve an even application during the day. ‘Warm white’ may make the face appear more yellow than it truly is, resulting in patchy or heavy makeup application. However, warm white lighting is suitable for a night out or a candle-lit dinner. ‘Daylight’ is perfect for spending a day outdoors, while ‘cool white’ is best used for a day spent in the office or classroom.

Bring your artistic vision to life and we’ll take care of the rest. Made by Mirrotic, made for you. Send us a message to get started.

Commercial Bathroom Lighting: Why Choose an LED Mirror

Mirrors are one of the most in-demand household items. 

But did you know, there are already good and innovative models to choose from in the market?

Yes, LED mirrors are one of them. 

So, read this blog until the end to learn why LED mirrors are perfect for your lovely home.

7 Reasons Why Choosing an LED Mirror is the Best for You

#1. Provides Great Lighting Effects

This is one of the most easily recognizable characteristics of an LED mirror.

Especially for dressing room mirrors, you can see the convenience that LED lights have for artists doing make-up, hair styling, or even for other personal uses.

That’s because the LED lights give off a subtle and gentle brightness that is not striking to the eyes.

Plus, most LED commercial mirrors have adjustable light features. So, you can conveniently choose the brightness level and light color accordingly.

#2. More Energy Efficient

LED lights are known for their minimal energy consumption of up to 80% less than traditional lightbulbs such as incandescent and fluorescent.

According to the US Department of Energy, a 12w LED bulb can last up to 25,000 hours.

Meanwhile, a 60w incandescent light bulb can only function for up to 1,000 hours.

So, not only are these commercial restroom mirrors pretty, but they conserve energy, too.

#3. Durable

Since LED mirrors are energy efficient, they are also very durable.

Plus, LED lights do not heat up easily. 

They can also last up to 25 years of useful life and can function for up to 50,000 hours depending on capacity and functionality.

So, you don’t have to worry about replacing them from time to time. 

#4. Has Temperature Control Features

LED lights are very suitable for commercial bathroom mirrors, such as in shopping malls, offices, schools, etc. because of their easily adjustable color temperature (warm to cool).

And if you’re a business owner in the beauty industry, LED salon mirrors are perfect for enhancing the overall customer experience.

#5. Cost-Friendly

The US Department of Energy said that incandescent lightbulbs can cost 6x higher than LED lights with a big difference in actual cost.

For LED commercial mirrors, the market cost can start at as low as $130 per piece.

Depending on the design and added features, LED restroom or salon mirrors can cost up to $200 or more.

#6. Customizable and Works Well in Small Spaces

One of the coolest features of an LED mirror is there are a lot of unique designs to choose from.

You can still pick a cute dressing room mirror without worrying it won’t fit in your space.

Plus, there are LED mirror manufacturers like Mirrotic that can produce customized designs and features that align with your needs.

#7. Eco-Friendly

LED mirrors are known to produce less carbon emissions and help reduce your energy consumption at home.

Manufacturers like Mirrotic are making eco-friendly LED commercial mirrors for customers or household owners who are conscious of their environmental impact.

Mirrotic’s advantage in this aspect is that it aligns its business with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by implementing the following:

  • Water recycling
  • Glass recycling
  • Smart dust removal system
  • Proper waste disposal
  • Eco-friendly packaging

If you’re a business owner, Mirrotic can assist you with producing your customized commercial mirrors. 

Click here for a quotation or inquiry.

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