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Discover the allure of round mirrors. Sleek, stylish, and a versatile addition to bring a contemporary touch to your bathroom.

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Custom Round Bathroom Mirror

Freshen up your bathroom atmosphere with our state-of-the-art round bathroom mirror.

Revel in a clear, fog-free reflection following each shower, courtesy of cutting-edge mirror heating technology. Effortlessly tailor the ambiance using the touch light switch, allowing you to adjust the color temperature to match your preferences. Certified with an IP44 rating, this mirror excels in both humid bathrooms and serene verandas. Delve into additional features like a digital clock, 3x magnifier, USB, shaver socket, wireless charger, Bluetooth speaker, and more, reshaping your space with a flawless combination of functionality and style.

Laser-Engraved Pattern LED Round Illuminated Mirror

Recommended round led bathroom mirror

show you our vast range of round illuminated mirror:


Texol | Concentric Circle Sandblasted Round Illuminated Bathroom

Say goodbye to post-shower fog with our advanced mirror heating technology. Easily customize the ambiance using the touch light switch, providing a personalized color temperature. With an IP44 rating, this mirror is suitable for both humid bathrooms and tranquil verandas.

Laser engraved multi-line LED illuminated mirror

Chaday | Laser engraved multi-line LED illuminated mirror

Discover our laser engraved multi-line LED round mirror, complete with a polyurethane hanging strip for effortless bathroom wall installation. This mirror enhances any bathroom's aesthetic, crafted from 6-layered glass for added protection and providing a natural reflection.

Laser-Engraved Pattern LED Round Illuminated Mirror

Shaton | Laser-Engraved Pattern LED Round Illuminated Mirror

Upgrade your space with our round mirrors with lights, showcasing a 5mm copper-free mirror, UL/ETL/CE/CB/SAA certification, non-shatter safety backing film, and a 2-year warranty. Its ultra-thin 1-inch design offers superior craftsmanship and cost-effective shipping for enhanced decor.

Vige | Double-Circle Combination LED Round Illuminated Mirror

Vige | Double-Circle Combination LED Round Illuminated Mirror

This mirror, boasting an IP44 rating, thrives in humid bathrooms and tranquil verandas. Discover additional features such as a digital clock, 3x magnifier, USB, shaver socket, wireless charger, Bluetooth speaker, and more. Transform your space with a mirror that seamlessly blends sophistication and functionality.

Veib | Sandblasted Rounded LED Illuminated Mirror

Veib | Sandblasted Rounded LED Illuminated Mirror

Experience a fog-free reflection, even post-bath, with mirror heating. Customize your ambiance by adjusting the color temperature using the touch light switch. Discover extra features such as a digital clock, 3x magnifier, USB, shaver socket, wireless charger, Bluetooth speaker, and Alexa integration.

Fanyan | Double-circle sandblasted backlit LED illuminated mirror

Fanyan | Double-circle sandblasted backlit LED illuminated mirror

Transform your space with our LED circular mirror. Featuring a 5mm copper-free mirror, UL/ETL/CE/CB/SAA certification, and a non-shatter safety backing film, it guarantees quality and safety. The ultra-thin 1-inch design enhances aesthetics and reduces shipping costs. Enjoy a 2-year warranty, explore ODM/OEM options, and indulge in superior craftsmanship.

Feature Expansion

Indulge in an exceptional bathroom experience with our round backlit mirror. Meticulously crafted for both quality and functionality, its acrylic frame draws inspiration from celestial wonders, dispersing varied color temperatures for a captivating contrast. The LED halo seamlessly merges aesthetics and utility, establishing a refined focal point.

Unlock the full potential of your daily routine with customizable elements like mirror heating, digital clock, 3x magnifier, USB port, shaver socket, wireless charger, Bluetooth speaker, and intelligent controls. Go beyond mere reflection, seamlessly intertwining form and function through in-app control, voice command, or Alexa compatibility.

Presenting the pinnacle of elegance fortified with safety—the round illuminated bathroom mirror. Boasting an IP44 rating, it effortlessly repels water splashes while preserving its timeless charm. The 5mm copper-free mirror, UL/ETL/CE/CB/SAA certified, ensures both sophistication and safety, complemented by a non-shatter backing film.

Why Choose Mirrotic?


Quality Business Partnership

Build a dependable partnership with Mirrotic, a distinguished manufacturer of cutting-edge, round custom bathroom mirrors with over two decades of experience. Operating from our expansive 14,000m² facility, complete with a 50 TEU-capacity warehouse, our robust infrastructure enables seamless global production and delivery. Our unwavering commitment spans continents, serving businesses in North, South, and Central America, Western and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Oceania.


Easy Product Customization

Explore our versatile mirrors with multi-control, color-changing light, anti-fog, Bluetooth speaker, and digital clock. Crafted with 5mm copper-free mirrors meeting UL/ETL/CE/CB/SAA standards, they include safety backing film. Backed by a 2-year warranty, our mirrors offer ODM/OEM availability. Additional features include USB/shaver socket, wireless charger, various control options, and smart capabilities like in-app and voice control, plus Alexa integration.


Quick Production Lead Time

Reap the benefits of Mirrotic's swift production capabilities, boasting a monthly capacity of around 40,000 units. Holding 14 patents to secure intellectual rights, our streamlined production process ensures a rapid 35-day turnaround. Committed to innovation, we introduce over 50 new designs annually, maintaining a leading position in cutting-edge mirror technology.

Round Bathroom Mirrors Application

Transform your hospitality spaces with our round bathroom mirrors, designed to revitalize chic lobby entrances and guest lounges, leaving an indelible impression. Tailored for hotel room vanity areas and bathrooms, they seamlessly merge stylish design with customizable features, catering to diverse guest needs. Elevate contemporary spaces with this practical addition, ensuring a touch of luxury permeates the entire hospitality sector.

Modernize residences and housing developments with our functional round illuminated bathroom mirror. Ideal for bedrooms, bathrooms, and living rooms, they effortlessly marry style with functionality. Their adaptable design effortlessly complements any interior, offering a practical choice to enhance house aesthetics. Enjoy benefits like increased natural light, creating a spacious feel, and infusing a touch of sophistication into modern living spaces.

Streamline your designs with our efficient LED round bathroom mirror, perfect for compact spaces, creating an illusion of openness and brightness. Renovation contractors value their straightforward installation, while interior designers appreciate their versatile elegance that seamlessly integrates into diverse spaces. With durability and sleek aesthetics, these mirrors effortlessly elevate a range of projects, consistently meeting client satisfaction.

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Achieve reflection perfection with Mirrotic's top-notch round bathroom mirrors. You decide, we deliver. Connect with us today to kickstart your reflective journey!

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Round mirrors offer versatile elegance, softening the aesthetics of a space and seamlessly fitting into various design styles. Their circular shape provides a timeless and harmonious appeal, making them suitable for different rooms and contributing to the illusion of more space. Beyond aesthetics, round mirrors serve as functional focal points, enhancing natural light, and reflecting their surroundings for a brighter and open atmosphere.

Absolutely! Round mirrors are an excellent choice for bathrooms. Their soft, curved lines bring a touch of elegance and a timeless aesthetic to the space. They work well with different decor styles, create a balanced visual impact, and contribute to a harmonious atmosphere. Plus, the absence of sharp corners adds a safety element, making them a practical and stylish option for bathroom design.

Consider the size of your vanity or available wall space. A diameter between 24 to 36 inches generally fits well above standard vanities, while larger bathrooms may accommodate larger mirrors.

Installation is straightforward, similar to other mirrors. Pay attention to leveling and anchoring, especially for larger mirrors. Professional installation might be preferred for heavier or oversized mirrors.