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Custom Frameless LED Mirror

Elevate your bathroom ambiance with our frameless backlit mirror, where innovation meets luxury. Experience a fog-free reflection post-shower with cutting-edge mirror heating technology.

Personalize the ambiance effortlessly using the touch light switch, adjusting the color temperature to your liking. This mirror, certified with an IP44 rating, seamlessly thrives in both humid bathrooms and tranquil verandas.

Explore optional features like a digital clock, 3x magnifier, USB, shaver socket, wireless charger, Bluetooth speaker, and more to redefine your space with the perfect blend of functionality and style.

Elevate your bathroom experience with this sophisticated and versatile frameless LED mirror.

Recommended Frameless LED Mirror

Our vast range of Frameless LED Mirror includes:


Texol | Concentric Circle Sandblasted Round Frameless LED Mirror

Bid farewell to foggy reflections after shower, thanks to our cutting-edge mirror heating technology. Adjust the ambiance effortlessly with the touch light switch, offering a personalized color temperature. Certified with an IP44 rating, this mirror suits both humid bathrooms and serene verandas.

Lyke | Sandblasted LED illuminated mirror

Turn your bathroom into a personal sanctuary of luxury with our frameless LED mirror. Embrace optional features like a digital clock, 3x magnifier, USB, shaver socket, wireless charger, Bluetooth speaker, and more. Elevate your space with a mirror seamlessly merging functionality and sophistication.

Plope | Frameless Irregular LED Mirror

Elevate your space with our frameless LED mirror featuring a 5mm copper-free mirror, UL/ETL/CE/CB/SAA certification, non-shatter safety backing film, and a 2-year warranty. With an ultra-thin 1-inch design, it enhances your decor with superior craftsmanship and cost-effective shipping.


Reith | Rectangular Frameless Bathroom Led Mirror

With an IP44 rating, this mirror excels in both humid bathrooms and serene verandas. Explore extra features like a digital clock, 3x magnifier, USB, shaver socket, wireless charger, Bluetooth speaker, and more. Redefine your space with a mirror harmonizing sophistication and functionality.

Jilna | Rectangle Bathroom LED Mirror with MDF Shelf

Mirror heating ensures a clear reflection, even after a warm bath. Tailor the ambiance to your liking by adjusting the color temperature with the touch light switch. Explore additional features like a digital clock, 3x magnifier, USB, shaver socket, wireless charger, Bluetooth speaker, and more.

Fanyan | Double-circle sandblasted backlit LED illuminated mirror

Fanyan | Double-circle sandblasted backlit LED illuminated mirror

Revitalize your space with our frameless LED mirror. Boasting a 5mm copper-free mirror, UL/ETL/CE/CB/SAA certification, and a non-shatter safety backing film, it ensures quality and safety. The ultra-thin 1-inch design not only enhances aesthetics but also minimizes shipping costs. Enjoy a 2-year warranty, with ODM/OEM options available, and experience superior craftsmanship.

Feature Expansion

By utilizing LED technology, LED frameless mirrors can provide efficient, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly lighting solutions that meet the needs of modern society for energy conservation and emission reduction, and have significant advantages in energy conservation and environmental protection.

Immerse yourself in a superior bathroom experience with our frameless mirror with lights. Crafted for quality and functionality, its acrylic frame, inspired by celestial wonders, disperses varying color temperatures for a captivating contrast. The LED halo combines aesthetics and utility, creating a sophisticated focal point.

Unleash the full potential of your routine with customizable features like mirror heating, digital clock, 3x-magnifier, USB port, shaver socket, wireless charger, Bluetooth speaker, and smart controls. Elevate beyond reflection and seamlessly blend form and function with in-app control, voice control, or Alexa compatibility.

Introducing the epitome of elegance fortified with safety—the frameless backlit mirror. With an IP44 rating, it repels water splashes, maintaining timeless charm. The 5mm copper-free mirror, UL/ETL/CE/CB/SAA certified, ensures sophistication and safety, complemented by a non-shatter backing film.

Why Choose Mirrotic


Quality Business Partnership

Mirrotic is a distinguished frameless LED mirror manufacturer boasting two decades of expertise. Operating from a self-owned 14,000m² facility, including a 50 TEU-capacity warehouse, our substantial infrastructure facilitates global production and delivery. Renowned for premium LED bathroom mirrors, distributed across 100+ countries, we emphasize quality and innovation. Our unwavering commitment extends globally, catering to businesses in North, South, and Central America, Western and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Oceania.


Easy Product Customization

Discover our versatile mirrors, featuring multi-control, dimmable lighting, color-changing options, anti-fog, magnification, Bluetooth speakers, and digital clocks with temperature displays. Crafted with 5mm copper-free mirrors meeting UL/ETL/CE/CB/SAA standards, they ensure durability with a safety backing film. Enjoy a 2-year warranty and ODM/OEM options. Additional features include USB/shaver sockets, wireless charging, and various control options like wall switch, touch sensor, IR sensor, or button, along with demister pads, dimmers, and smart controls such as in-app control, voice control, and Alexa integration.


Quick Production Lead Time

Benefit from Mirrotic's swift production capabilities, with a monthly capacity of approximately 40,000 units. Holding 14 patents to secure intellectual rights, our efficient production process ensures a rapid 35-day turnaround. Committed to innovation, we introduce over 50 new designs annually, ensuring a leading position in cutting-edge mirror technology.

Frameless Led Mirror Application

Revitalize your hospitality spaces with our sleek frameless backlit mirrors. Perfect for chic lobby entrances and guest lounges, these mirrors leave a lasting impression. Tailored for hotel room vanity areas and bathrooms, they seamlessly blend stylish design with customizable features, catering to diverse guest needs. Elevate contemporary spaces with this pragmatic addition, ensuring a touch of luxury permeates the entire hospitality sector.

Modernize residences and housing developments with our illuminated frameless LED mirrors. Perfect for bedrooms, bathrooms, and living rooms, they effortlessly combine style with functionality. Their adaptable design effortlessly complements any interior, offering a pragmatic choice to enhance house aesthetics. Enjoy advantages such as increased natural light, creating a spacious feel, and infusing a hint of sophistication into modern living spaces.

Simplify your designs with our illuminated frameless mirrors, ideal for compact spaces, creating an illusion of openness and brightness. Renovation contractors appreciate their easy installation, while interior designers value their versatile elegance, seamlessly fitting into diverse spaces. With durability and sleek aesthetics, these mirrors effortlessly elevate a range of projects, consistently meeting client satisfaction.

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The choice between a framed and frameless mirror depends on personal preferences and the desired aesthetic for a particular space. 

Framed mirrors tend to add a decorative element and can complement specific styles or themes. 

They may also offer a sense of completeness to a room. On the other hand, frameless mirrors provide a modern and minimalist look, making them suitable for contemporary designs and smaller spaces. 

Ultimately, the decision should align with the overall design goals and individual tastes.

The cost of frameless LED mirrors can vary based on factors such as size, brand, features, and overall quality. 

In some cases, frameless LED mirrors might be more affordable than framed counterparts, as the absence of a frame may reduce material and labor costs. 

However, it’s important to note that the inclusion of LED technology and other features may impact the overall price. 

Prices can range widely, so it’s recommended to compare options and features to find a frameless LED mirror that fits both your budget and design preferences.

Yes, frameless mirrors can be hung on walls just like framed mirrors. 

Most frameless mirrors come with mounting hardware, such as clips or J-bars, that allow them to be securely attached to the wall. 

Additionally, you can use mirror adhesive or special mirror clips designed for frameless mirrors to hang them safely. 

It’s crucial to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and use appropriate hardware to ensure proper installation and stability. 

If you’re unsure or if the mirror is particularly heavy, it’s advisable to seek professional assistance or consult with a qualified installer.