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Upgrade your space with LED framed mirrors. Featuring energy-efficient lighting, these mirrors offer practical functionality and sleek designs, ideal for modern spaces seeking both style and illumination.

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Custom LED Framed Mirror

Transform your bathroom ambiance with our innovative LED framed mirrors. Enjoy a crystal-clear, fog-free reflection even after you take a shower, thanks to advanced mirror heating technology. 

Easily customize the lighting ambiance with the touch light switch, offering adjustable color temperatures to suit your preferences. 

With an IP44 rating, our mirrors thrive in both humid bathrooms and tranquil verandas. Explore extra features like a digital clock, 3x magnifier, USB, shaver socket, wireless charger, and Bluetooth speaker, enhancing your space with a mix of practicality and elegance.

Recommended framed bathroom mirrors

Our vast range of led framed Bathroom Mirror includes:


Bapsule | Two-color Acrylic Frame LED Mirror

Our framed bathroom mirror features advanced mirror heating to eliminate post-shower fog. Customize the ambiance effortlessly with the touch light switch, adjusting the color temperature. Rated IP44, it's perfect for humid bathrooms and serene verandas.

Sami | Framed Copper-Free Bathroom LED Mirror with Shelf

Explore our timeless, custom-framed mirrors, boasting an aluminum frame and a polyurethane hanging strip for easy bathroom wall installation. Crafted from 6-layered glass, it offers enhanced protection and a natural reflection, elevating any bathroom's aesthetic effortlessly.

Rana | Metal Framed Bathroom Mirror

Elevate your space with our illuminated frame mirror featuring built-in lights, boasting a 5mm copper-free mirror, UL/ETL/CE/CB/SAA certification, and a non-shatter safety backing film. Enjoy peace of mind with a 2-year warranty and benefit from the ultra-thin 1-inch design, enhancing the decor with superior craftsmanship and cost-effective shipping.


Shepel | Black Metal LED Framed Mirror

Elevate your space with our lighted frame mirrors that can transform your everyday routine into luxury and convenience. Explore added functionalities like a digital clock, 3x magnifier, USB port, shaver socket, wireless charger, Bluetooth speaker, and beyond.

Zash | Black Metal Frame LED Mirror

Elevate your space sustainably with our LED framed mirror boasting exceptional quality, eco-friendly materials, and a 2-year warranty. Enjoy easy installation, CCT memory function, and a 50,000+hrs LED lifetime.

Rano | Metal Frame LED Framed Mirror

Upgrade your space with our advanced mirror with a light frame, featuring a copper-free, anti-oxidation, anti-blackening design. With an ultra-thin profile for cost-effective shipping, a 5MM HD silver mirror, and 6-layered glass for enhanced protection.

Feature Expansion

Enjoy top-notch functionality with our LED framed mirror. Crafted with care for lasting quality, its acrylic frame creates captivating contrasts with varied color temperatures. The LED halo blends beauty and practicality, setting an elegant focal point in your bathroom.

Personalize your routine with built-in mirror heating, digital clock, 3x magnifier, USB port, shaver socket, wireless charger, Bluetooth speaker, and smart controls. Elevate beyond reflection with in-app, voice, or Alexa controls, seamlessly merging style and convenience.

Experience elegance and safety with our framed bathroom mirrors. With an IP44 rating, it repels water while maintaining its allure. The 5mm copper-free mirror, UL/ETL/CE/CB/SAA certified, guarantees both sophistication and security, enhanced by a non-shatter backing film.

Why Choose Mirrotic?


Professional Business Partnership

Partner with Mirrotic, a renowned manufacturer of LED framed bathroom mirrors, backed by 20 years of expertise. Operating from a large facility with extensive storage, we ensure seamless global production and delivery. Trusted worldwide for our quality LED mirrors, we serve businesses across continents with dedication.


Easy Product Customization

Explore our versatile mirrors with features like multi-control, dimmable light, anti-fog, magnifier, Bluetooth speaker, and digital clock. Crafted with high-quality materials meeting rigorous standards, they come with a safety backing film for durability. Backed by a 2-year warranty and customization options, our mirrors offer flexibility and reliability.


Quick Production Lead Time

Benefit from our fast production with a monthly capacity of 40,000 units and 14 patents for innovative designs. With a streamlined process, we ensure a quick 35-day turnaround, introducing over 50 new designs annually to stay ahead in mirror technology.

Lighted Frame Mirror Application

Enhance your hospitality spaces with our lighted frame mirrors, ideal for chic lobby entrances and guest lounges, making a lasting impression. Perfect for hotel room vanity areas and bathrooms, they combine stylish design with customizable features, meeting diverse guest needs while adding a touch of luxury to the hospitality sector.

Upgrade residences and housing developments with our practical illuminated frame mirrors. Perfect for bedrooms, bathrooms, and living rooms, they blend style with functionality seamlessly. Their versatile design complements any interior, enhancing house aesthetics with increased natural light and sophistication for modern living spaces.

Simplify your designs with our efficient custom-framed mirrors, ideal for compact spaces, creating a sense of openness and brightness. Renovation contractors appreciate their easy installation, while interior designers value their versatile elegance, seamlessly fitting into diverse spaces. With durability and sleek aesthetics, these mirrors elevate various projects, ensuring client satisfaction consistently.

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Framing a bathroom mirror can add style, elegance, and a finished look to the space. It provides an opportunity to match the mirror frame with the overall decor theme of the bathroom, enhancing its aesthetic appeal and creating a cohesive design.

The choice between framed and frameless mirrors depends on personal preference and the design objectives of the space. Framed mirrors offer a traditional and decorative look, while frameless mirrors provide a sleek, modern appearance. Consider factors such as the bathroom’s style, size, and desired ambiance when deciding which type of mirror best suits your needs.

Yes, existing bathroom mirrors can be framed to give them a fresh and updated look. Framing an existing mirror is a cost-effective way to enhance its appearance without replacing the entire mirror. There are various framing options available, including DIY framing kits or hiring a professional to custom frame the mirror to match your bathroom decor.

The current trend in bathroom mirrors leans towards minimalistic and functional designs with added features for convenience and style. Frameless mirrors with integrated LED lighting, anti-fog technology, and smart capabilities are gaining popularity for their modern aesthetic and practical benefits. Additionally, round and oval-shaped mirrors are trending for their softer and more organic look compared to traditional rectangular mirrors.

LED framed mirror offers a myriad of benefits, including improved lighting for grooming tasks, energy efficiency, and a sleek, modern aesthetic that enhances any space. With their long lifespan and low energy consumption, LED framed mirrors are both practical and stylish additions to any bathroom or living area.

LED technology is highly energy-efficient, consuming significantly less power compared to traditional lighting options. This not only helps reduce electricity bills but also minimizes environmental impact by lowering carbon emissions.

Yes, LED framed mirrors offer ample customization options to suit individual preferences and design needs. From choosing the size and shape of the mirror to adding features like Bluetooth speakers or digital clocks, there are various ways to personalize LED framed mirrors to fit specific requirements.

Absolutely! LED framed mirror is designed to withstand humid conditions, making them ideal for use in bathrooms or other moisture-prone areas. Their durable construction and moisture-resistant materials ensure longevity and functionality even in high-humidity environments.

LED framed mirror requires minimal maintenance, typically just regular cleaning with a soft cloth and mild detergent to remove dust and smudges. Thanks to their sturdy construction and quality materials, LED framed mirror retains their beauty and functionality with minimal effort.