Sami【Sami】Frame,Acrylic,Copper Free Bathroom Led mirror with shelfSami
500 × 700

·Turn on/off:Touch Switch
·Life hour:50,000 hours
·Warranty:2 years
·With Shelf


The regular size of this design is 500x700mm(we can customize size with our clients' design requierments), rectangle shape with shelf, it's 5mm copper-free LED mirror, with 50,000+ hrs LED lifetime, it's easy to install, energy-efficient and environmentally sustainbale. About the lighting, different colors are optional.

Product Details


The design with shelf makes mirror more pratical. The acrylic is on the back of the mirror to distribute the light evenly.Through the two points, you will love the bath time.

Design Inspiration

A frame mirror prominent design with acrylic backplane highlights the sense of hierarchy, which differentiates from the conventional full size outlook. Especially, a novel appearance is achieved by hollow out at the bottom not only through beautiful shelving function but also practical purpose.

Optional Function

High CRI

In-Build Defogger

Exceptional Quality

2 Year Warranty

CCT Remembrance

Available Color Temperature

6-layered Glass – Enhanced Protection


·5mm copper free sliver mirror




·Natual reflection



The overall thickness including mirror glass and back panel is 25mm

Exceptional LED Strip


·CRI 90+


·2700K – 6500K


·Low Energy Consumption




·50000+ hrs

Versatile Functions Available


·Mutiple Control


 Touch Sensor

 Wall Switch

 IR Sensor

 Button Switch


·Dimmer Light & Change Color






·Bluetooth Speaker


·Digital Clock & Temperature


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