Plain Mirror 6001
Φ600; Φ700; Φ800, other sizes available
Available Model:
The combination of the round mirror and metal frame delivers clean and even appearances to any hung area.
  • · 5mm copper-free mirror
  • · Safety backing film (Non-shatter)
  • · 2-Year warranty
  • · ODM/OEM available
Product Details

The mirror has a unique charm with our gorgeous design, simple but unusual. With a clear and simple mirror, users can enjoy a relaxed and comfortable bathing time. 


The round mirror is so fashionable! For this style, we use a metal frame combined with our HD copper-free silver mirror, which makes it a fine choice as a bathroom decoration.

Timeless design

The round bathroom mirror has a timeless design and is suitable for every style. The design is ideal to give the bathroom a playful touch and break through the straight lines.

Feature Specifications

Environmentally sustainable

2-Year warranty

Easy installation

Exceptional quality

Why choose Mirrotic?
6-layered Glass – Enhanced Protection


· 5mm copper-free silver mirror

· Anti-blackening

· Natural reflection

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