Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Our warranty policy offers 2 years for returns or refunds.

The mirror may be irradiating heat because the demister is on. Please check if it’s off.

To clean your mirror, mix 95% water and 5% isopropyl alcohol in a spray bottle. Spray the solution onto a microfiber cloth or chamois and wipe the mirror until there are no traces of moisture. This will help avoid corrosion and properly clean the mirror.

It depends on the specific mirror. Some mirrors can be plugged in, while others need to be hardwired. You should check the manufacturer’s instructions or consult with an electrician to determine the appropriate installation method for your mirror.

No, you do not need a driver/transformer or an LED driver as the product already includes them.

Yes, the mirror is IP44 rated.

Yes, you can install the mirror both horizontally and vertically.

A copper-free mirror refers to the coating on the back of the mirror that is resistant to corrosion and blackening (oxidation), which can occur in traditional silver mirrors due to exposure to moisture in the air.

A front-illuminated mirror has the light source located in front of the mirror and typically produces a brighter, more evenly lit reflection. A back-illuminated mirror has the light source located behind the mirror, which emits light towards the wall it is mounted on. This can create different effects depending on the color and finish of the wall, and is often used for added ambiance in a room.

 The thickness of the glass is either 4mm or 5mm.

The best color temperature for a bathroom mirror depends on the desired use. For makeup application, it is recommended to use a ‘daylight’ or ‘cool white’ LED-lit mirror to achieve an even application during the day. ‘Warm white’ may make the face appear more yellow than it truly is, resulting in patchy or heavy makeup application. However, warm white lighting is suitable for a night out or a candle-lit dinner. ‘Daylight’ is perfect for spending a day outdoors, while ‘cool white’ is best used for a day spent in the office or classroom.