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Custom Illuminated Mirror Collection

Illuminated bathroom LED mirrors are a great way to add comfort, appeal, and functionality to your space. These mirrors come in all shapes and sizes, from oval LED mirrors to round and square-shaped LED mirrors. From full-length LED mirrors to custom-made LED mirrors.

Their multifunctional and multi-control nature makes them contemporary and stylish.  The qualified neurotic team engineers export focused illuminated mirrors with built-in Bluetooth and multi-control light effects. An innovation in mirror manufacturing that makes Mirrotic the pioneers in quality, versatility, and hi-tech craftsmanship.

Stylish and Innovative Mirror at a Glance

Our vast range of illuminated mirrors includes:


Illuminated Mirror 6501 600X800

Add an aesthetic ambiance to your bathroom with illuminated round mirrors. Designed with tilted matte finish black metal frames. These full-length, high CRI, anti-fog LED mirrors come with ultra-thin no copper silver glass. Energy-efficient LED strips with multiple functions like touch sensors, Bluetooth speakers, and temperature control make them an ideal choice.

Illuminated Mirror 4602 600X800 other sizes available

Add a touch of simplicity and elegance with frameless curved corner illuminated mirrors. Equipped with one-touch dimmable inward-facing task lighting for brilliant facial illumination. Sleek and ultra-thin design with great illumination.

Illuminated Mirror 1420 custom sizes available

Frameless modern lighted mirrors add ecstasy to your wardrobe or living space. These ultra-thin illuminated mirrors with a thickness of less than 25mm are a perfect fit for your bathroom collection. Loaded with smart functions like touch sensors, Bluetooth, and temperature monitors they can glam up any dull corner of the house.

Prominent Features of world-class custom LED Mirror

A mirror is more than just a reflective surface, it is a work of art and an example of technological advancement. We adapt the latest technology to manufacture world-class LED mirrors.

Our illuminated LED mirrors come with a plethora of functions and controls that include dimmer lights, backlit and lighted mirrors, Color changing LEDs to adjust between bright and warm lights.  The full-length LED mirrors come with anti-fog and magnifier options to provide clarity and enhance the visibility of the LED Mirror.

Bringing quality products to the world is our pursuit. We follow stringent quality control measures to ensure that the bulk export orders that leave our manufacturing unit are of the best possible quality. Each frame and glass is carefully inspected before being dispatched.

We are neurotics about our mirrors. We boast of young and highly qualified team members. 75% of whom are under 30. We keenly study the market needs to offer effective and consistent products to business owners who want to maintain their brand identity as the best LED bathroom mirror sellers or dealers.

Why Choose Us?

Customized mirror range

We ace the game by providing custom mirror solutions as per the requirement of our clients. From the shape, size, color, and functionality everything can be tailor-made to suit your business needs.

Sustainable solutions

We love to provide the world with a safer and greener place to live in, and so our products are a perfect example of technology with sustainability. We offer environmentally friendly sustainable solutions and use LED lights that can work for 50,000+ hours.

Unmatched Customer Service

Our customer is our priority, and nothing comes before customer satisfaction. We make sure that our suppliers and wholesalers get 24×7 post-purchase support in case of any issues or queries.

Advanced Mirror Manufacturing Technology

A highly automated production line makes Mirrotic one of the most advanced LED mirror manufacturers in China. We take pride in adapting to the latest technology that helps us in mass production and maintaining the highest quality benchmark.

Stylish and Innovative LED Mirror Supplier

Excellence in service and our ardor to provide the most advanced and stylish mirrors make us stand out from the crowd.


Passionate & Creative Team

Our team of young and enthusiastic professionals are highly educated and has mastered the art and science of mirror manufacturing.


International & Diversified Design

We believe in excellence in craftsmanship. Our LED mirrors are crafted skillfully with diversified designs and elegant aesthetics. Our designer collection is internationally acclaimed.


Stringent Quality Control

We are on a mission to provide the best quality products to the international market. We perform stringent inspections and maintain international standards.


Highly Automated Production Lines

Our manufacturing unit is equipped with the latest technology and we are capable of mass production with our automated production line.

Advanced Automatic Production Line

The process of illuminated mirror manufacturing at Mirrotic is highly advanced and precise. With state-of-the-art machines and technical tools, we are able to produce the best quality mirrors for all purposes.

First, our mirrors are accurately cut using Intermac Genius CT-A technology to ensure prison. Then these mirrors undergo filming on both sides to make them scratch free and unbreakable. The back filming also helps in marking for further processing.

The filmed product is then engraved with laser machines to ensure precise sandblasting.

The engraved mirrors are then sandblasted and painted to perfection using the spraying technique. LED lights are then assembled on the fully automatic assembly line.



What Our Customers Say

My hunt for customized designer mirrors ended with Mirrotic. Their mirrors have class and elegance. A symbol of luxury, I have been selling their mirrors across the Middle East for the past 12 years now.
Sheikh Abduttayyeb bin Yusuf
Superior Quality​
I was searching for quality mirror manufacturers for my home decor business, I tried many companies but I was never satisfied with the products. Joshua then connected me to Mirrotic. What a team! I am in love with their LED mirrors and impeccable quality.
XU Chang
impeccable quality.
Mirrotic products are simply amazing. We have been selling their full-length illuminated mirrors for the past 5 years, they provide excellent service.
K.John Mirror Dealer
Excellent Customer Service

Want to boost your sales and get happy customers, our Illuminated mirror range is just what you need to add to your collection.