Intermac Genius CT-A Tech
  • - Ensures cutting precision with simple and intuitive technology;
  • - Ideal for transferring sheets of glass in in-line configurations.
  • - Materials are fully optimized, significantly reducing waste.
  • - Genius CT-A cutting tables guarantee superb machining quality, using the proportional electro-pneumatic control system that measures exactly the power/ speed ratio.
  • Cutting
    Grind Edge
    After cutting process, the glass will enter CNC work center to generate the processing program followed by auto-CAD drawing. The edge of glass will be ground and become smoother in this work center. The final step is polishing in order to change the transparency and reflectivity of the edge based on demands.
    After polishing, we clean the glass thoroughly through our automatic washing machine which has 3 pairs of brushes and 2 pairs of air knives. All glass passes this machine will be clean and dry efficiently. Then our workers will check the appearance of glass and pick out the ones with a flaw.
    Laser Engrave
    Sandblasting & Painting