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Our Plain Bathroom Mirrors

Are you looking for a simple way to decorate your bathroom? If yes, invest in a good master bath mirror. Mirrotic is the leading plain bath mirror manufacturer in the world. You will find different sizes, shapes, types, and styles of the mirror with us. We are a custom manufacturer of plain mirrors. Regardless of the size of your bathroom, you will find the right mirror with us. We also manufacture bath vanity with mirror.  

At Mirrotic, we manufacture and supply different types and sizes of mirrors, from oval bath mirror to cabinet mirrors. Our mirrors can make the bathroom look bigger and also helps reflect natural light. We also manufacture bath vanity mirror for storage space.

Our mirrors have a built-in lighting system and can be mounted in a landscape or portrait position. Our bathroom mirrors can meet the demand of millions of customers around the world. We have a large supply capacity and international standard certification to manufacture high-quality mirrors at affordable prices. All our mirrors pass stringent inspection and quality control. 

Stylish and Innovative Mirror at a Glance

Our vast range of plain mirrors includes:


Plain Mirror 6004

This is a classic round aluminium framed plain mirror. It comes with a polyurethane hanging strip which helps you to easily hang the mirror on your bathroom wall. This round mirror adds beauty to any bathroom. It is made of 6-layered glass for enhanced protection and offers natural reflection.


Plain Mirror 5003

It is a rectangle plain mirror with round cornered edges. This mirror comes with a metal frame to provide natural reflection. It is 5mm copper free sliver mirror with anti-blackening, and anti-oxidation features. This mirror is available in various sizes


Plain Mirror 1009

This is a double-layered rectangular mirror that creates a contemporary feeling in the bathroom. It comes with laser engraved patterns on the borders. It is a copper-free and environmentally sustainable mirror. This deluxe mirror will make your bathroom stand out.


Plain Mirror 4001

It is a frameless classic plain mirror made of 6-layered glass. This mirror brings great aesthetics to your bathroom. It is environmentally sustainable and provides natural reflection


Prominent Features of World-Class Custom Plain Bath Mirror

Whether you are upgrading your current bathroom mirror or planning to replace them with a new one, there are certain features that you should look for. At Mirrotic, we offer a wide range of features when it comes to plain bathroom mirrors. 

Using a custom bathroom mirror can solve a number of design challenges. It can also add a touch of class to your bathroom. Depending on your style and size, you can choose from numerous custom shapes and sizes. At Mirrotic, we accept custom orders and manufacture mirrors as per the client’s or vendor’s specifications. We can also help you to frame a plain mirror.

Our bathroom mirrors come with different mounting options. You can mount them on the wall or simply hand them in your bathroom. 

You can also install framed and frameless mirror cabinets.

If you want a bright, clear reflection, then you should invest in a high-quality mirror. A quality mirror will have a silver reflective coating that will not distort the image. At Mirrotic, we use high-quality materials to manufacture mirrors.

Our bathroom mirrors are eco-sustainable. We follow a sustainable manufacturing process to save resources and energy. All our mirrors are sustainable and eco-friendly.

Choosing the right custom bathroom mirrors can improve the look and function of a bathroom. Whether you’re looking for a mirror for cosmetics, makeup, shaving, or for storage, there are many different styles and shapes to choose from. Our bathroom mirrors come with a function combination. For example, you can get a cabinet mirror with built-in lights.

Why Choose Us?


Sustainable Mirrors

We provide custom mirrors that are environmentally friendly. Our production process, as well as packaging, is sustainable as well as save water, resources, and energy


International Standard Certification

We have international standard certification for manufacturing bathroom mirrors. All our mirrors meet international quality standards and are safe and reliable.


Diversified Product Categories

We have diversified product categories when it comes to bathroom mirrors. You can buy simple plain mirrors, ambiance mirrors, and illuminated mirrors, as well as mirror cabinets. We also accept custom orders


Lower Cost and Greater Value

Our bathroom mirrors are lower in cost but deliver greater value. We use high-quality materials to ensure durability. Apart from that, we offer the mirrors at wholesale price in bulk quantity.

Our Services

Custom Mirror Solution

At Mirrotic, we offer customized bathroom mirror manufacturing services. We accept custom orders and manufacture mirrors as per the client's specifications. You can customize the mirror design, shape, size, style as well as function.

Combination of Mirrors and Innovation

We don't just supply mirrors but combine them with new innovative features. Using innovative techniques, we have developed new ways to create a more uniform batch of mirrors. By improving the process, we can produce mirrors that are more durable, reflect better, and are less likely to have flaws.

Unique Mirror Design

At Mirrotic, we use stringent quality control measures that will make the mirror last for years to come. It will also ensure that the mirror you buy will work properly. We inspect and check the equipment, material, and production process, as well as the final product.

Quality Control

At Mirrotic, we use stringent quality control measures that will make the mirror last for years to come. It will also ensure that the mirror you buy will work properly. We inspect and check the equipment, material, and production process, as well as the final product

Our Mirror Manufacturing Processes

These steps include cutting, assembling, inspecting, and testing. To cut a mirror, we use special equipment and machines in the factory. After cutting the glass, we process it. In this step, we start with filming and then proceed with laser engraving, sandblasting, and painting. Sandblasting and painting can be done by hand or with a sandblaster. The cutting and processing are fully automated. After the mirror is processed, we assemble it. Assembling custom mirrors might be a bit of a pain, but it’s a worthwhile endeavor. Once it is done, we start with inspection and testing. During our custom mirror manufacturing process, we follow strict quality control standards to ensure that each mirror we create is the highest quality possible. 

Advantages of Our Mirror Manufacturing Technology

Excellence in service and our ardor to provide the most advanced and stylish mirrors make us stand out from the crowd.


Auto-Processing Line

We use an auto-processing line to manufacture bathroom mirrors. As everything is done by machines, our mirrors are defect-free and safe to use

Washing glasses

Large Production Capabilities

We have large production capabilities as we use high-tech machines to cut, process, and assemble glass for mirror manufacturing. We can fulfill bulk orders in a short span of time


Advanced Production Equipment

We use advanced production equipment to manufacture mirrors and improve the quality of the product. Our production line is fully automatic


4 Major Product Categories

We offer four major product categories when it comes to manufacturing mirrors. You can find a plain mirror, cabinet mirror, illuminated mirror, as well as ambiance mirror.


What Our Customers Say

This was our first experience working with Mirrotic, and we are very pleased, to say the least. They offer a better price-to-quality ratio than the majority of mirror manufacturing companies. Looking forward to working again with Mirrotic.
Manager at Mirrors For You
James Benson
Thank you, Mirrotic, for always supplying the best quality custom plain mirrors on time. We really appreciate you working to deliver our bulk order on time.
Production Manager at Mirrors and Closets
Oliver Spence
We have been ordering custom plain mirrors from Mirrotic for five years now, and we are very satisfied with the price and quality. They offer great customization options at low rates
Distributor at Quality Glass
Alycia Johnson

Are you looking for high-quality and low-cost custom mirrors? If yes, look no further than Mirrotic. We accept custom and bulk orders