Contribution to the SDGs
As a result of the United Nations promoting the Sustainable Development Goals, Mirrotic has adopted and aligned these objectives with our activity and social actions. In products, based on the principle of product ecological design, our technicians develop a series of products that are more eco-friendly.
Resources Saving & Recycling
Resources saving & recycling plays a very important role in sustainability. Mirrotic makes changes on the following aspects to optimize the production process, reduce the consumption of raw materials, and greatly avoid the damage of pollution.
Water Circulation System
During the whole production process, we use the water recycling system for cleaning glass and waste collection. In the system, the water absorbs the small particles, and then the small particles in the water are condensed into large ones through the high molecular polymer. At last, the pollutants in water are separated, and water reaches the standard of reusing.
Dust Removal System
Mirrotic uses an individual pipe system to collect and store generated dust in the sandblasting process. In addition, the automatic sandblasting machine adopts reverse blowing mode for filter bag dust cleaning by input and output conveyor belts. All collected dust will be processed by professional waste disposal team.
Special Treatment Of Waste Products
At Mirrotic, the production process does not involve changes in the chemical elements of the raw materials, so the glass waste has the feasibility of 100% recycling. We collect the waste generated and cooperate with professional waste treatment companies ensuring the decomposition, recycling, and reusing of the corresponding material.
Environmental Protection
In light of the worsening plastic pollution across the globe, Mirrotic is switching to provide eco-friendly packaging solutions. Our bags and boxes are made of materials that are easy to recycle, safe for individuals and the environment. Thus, These packages have minimal impact on energy consumption and natural resources.
Employee Care
Employee Protection Measures
In the production process of mirror products, the small particles of glass wastes and paint in the air have a threat to the workers' health. In order to minimize the negative effects of these small particles, we set the sandblasting and painting workshop in a separate room. What's more, we apply Water-fall Recycling System and Dust Removal System to absorb the small particles. Besides, every worker is also equipped with complete protective gear.