How Do You Make A Storage Mirror?
You can easily build a storage mirror with a few simple steps. First, you will need a wooden frame for the storage mirror. This is usually made of plywood, but you can use a wood frame of any kind. Next, install the hinges on the wooden frame. They should be installed on the front edge. […]
How Do You Make A Mirror Out Of A Cabinet?
A beautiful mirror can be made from a cabinet, but what if the cabinet isn’t available? Here are some easy steps to create a mirror from a cabinet. Before you begin, remove the mirror’s metal frame and set it aside. Make sure you set the glass and backing out of the way. Then, clamp the […]
Are Bathroom Mirrors Different From Normal Mirrors?
While you might wonder how a bathroom mirror differs from a normal mirror, the answer is actually quite simple. The mirror in your bathroom is often bigger and more expensive than a regular one. Aside from being a functional item, bathroom mirrors can also be used as a decorative pieces. Many people use them as […]
How Long Do LED Bathroom Mirrors Last?
How long do LED bathroom mirrors last? It depends on the make and model and how well you care for them. Unlike incandescent bulbs, LEDs are energy-efficient and last up to 50,000 hours.  Plus, they require less maintenance and don’t use as much energy as traditional bulbs. So, they are an even better choice than […]
How Do You Install A Backlit Mirror?
Before you begin installing your backlit mirror, you should measure the space where you will install it. Measure the length of the mirror and its width. If your mirror is rectangular, measure each of the four corners. Once you know the measurement, cut the strip of LED lights to fit the mirror’s perimeter. Cut the […]