How Do You Make A Lighted Vanity Mirror?
One way to create a lighted vanity mirror is to cut a strip of LED light and adhere it to the back of your mirror. First, you’ll have to remove the adhesive backing from the strip and then press it firmly into the back of the mirror. Be sure to leave enough space between the […]
How Do You Make A Plain Mirror Look Good?
Have you ever wondered how to decorate a plain mirror? Changing the frame is a simple way to give a new look to an old mirror. If you’re planning to paint the frame of your mirror, protect it first by covering it with newspaper or painter’s tape. Here are a few tips to make your […]
Are LED Lighted Mirrors Bright Enough?
LED lighted mirrors are becoming increasingly popular. They are easy to install and come with an aluminum frame. They are safe for your home because they do not produce UV rays, have no flicker, and have dimmable lights.  They can be mounted on the wall without any additional tools and are also energy-efficient. LED lights […]
What is choosing the perfect bathroom mirror?
When it comes to buying a new mirror, you are going to want to choose one that is the perfect size and shape for your bathroom. After that, you’ll need to decide where you want to hang it and whether you want a single or double mirror. This article will help you decide on the […]
Can You Replace Bulbs In LED Mirror?
One common question that comes to mind when considering LED mirror is: Can you replace the bulbs? It is relatively easy, and you can do it yourself in a few easy steps.  Before you attempt to replace the bulbs, turn off the power supply and disconnect any electrical cords. Once the power supply is disconnected, […]
How Long Do LED Bathroom Mirrors Last?
How long do LED bathroom mirrors last? It depends on the make and model and how well you care for them. Unlike incandescent bulbs, LEDs are energy-efficient and last up to 50,000 hours.  Plus, they require less maintenance and don’t use as much energy as traditional bulbs. So, they are an even better choice than […]
Why We Love Bathroom Mirrors?
Despite their function, bathroom mirrors are also an excellent source of information. Not only are they functional, but they also add style and space to a bathroom.  Whether you have a modern bathroom or an antique bathroom, there is a type of mirror to suit your needs. These mirrors are available in a wide variety […]
Why Choose An Illuminated Mirror?
Why would you choose an illuminated mirror? LED lights have a number of advantages. They are energy efficient, produce no UV rays, and offer no flicker.  They are dimmable and are packaged in a simple frame to protect them. They are also easy to install on a wall. Choosing an illuminated mirror for your home […]
Can You Connect Bluetooth Headphones To The Mirror?
Although the mirror features an inbuilt speaker system, you may want to consider buying an external Bluetooth headphone to avoid any disturbance. You can also connect your heart-rate monitor or wireless headphones via Bluetooth.  Although the device is new, the company behind it has been in the business for years. It’s worth checking whether the […]