How Long Do Batteries Last In A LED Bathroom Mirror?
The answer to the question: “How long do batteries last in a LED bathroom mirror?” is probably longer than you think. These lights are made with energy-efficient LEDs, which last as long as 50,000 hours. That is about 13 years of light! But you should pay attention to other factors, including the temperature where you […]
Why Choose An Illuminated Mirror?
Why would you choose an illuminated mirror? LED lights have a number of advantages. They are energy efficient, produce no UV rays, and offer no flicker.  They are dimmable and are packaged in a simple frame to protect them. They are also easy to install on a wall. Choosing an illuminated mirror for your home […]
Why We Love Mirror Cabinets?
Why do we love mirror cabinets? In this article, we’ll explore the advantages and disadvantages of using this type of medicine cabinet. While the mirror is a good way to add some character to your bathroom, it also gives you storage space.  A narrow cabinet makes efficient use of wall space and includes a mirror. […]
How Do You Connect A Bluetooth Mirror?
Despite the numerous features of a Bluetooth mirror, the device can also act as a speaker and light. The best Bluetooth mirrors also have displayed similar to your smartphone’s homepage. They stream your calendar, weather forecast, social media updates, music, and other content to your mirror.  A Bluetooth mirror uses short-range radio waves to communicate […]
Lighting Ideas For Vanity Mirrors in Bathroom
Vanity mirrors are often overlooked but should be given ample attention if you want to achieve a harmonious look in your bathroom.
How Do You Install A Backlit Mirror?
Before you begin installing your backlit mirror, you should measure the space where you will install it. Measure the length of the mirror and its width. If your mirror is rectangular, measure each of the four corners. Once you know the measurement, cut the strip of LED lights to fit the mirror’s perimeter. Cut the […]