Top Tips for Adding Cabinets in the Bathroom

Just as with kitchen storage solutions, adding cabinets can help make life simpler in your bathroom. From vanity units and standalone pieces to corner storage options, choosing the appropriate storage solution will transform your space while streamlining morning routines.

Cabinets can be an essential component of a bathroom remodel. By providing extra storage space while keeping your room looking neat and orderly, cabinets help maximize storage efficiency while creating an organized appearance in your space.

Installing cabinets requires accurate measurements – from where vanity mirrors should go to how far the cabinets and plumbing fixtures should be from each other. Care should be taken to take accurate measurements during every stage.

1. Add Extra Built-In Cabinets

Bathrooms are frequently the busiest rooms in a house, making storage essential. This means arranging toiletries, towels, and other necessities in an orderly fashion to optimize the use of space.

If you’re trying to clear away clutter in the bathroom, adding built-in cabinets is an effective solution for keeping it uncluttered and stylish. Plus, adding built-ins adds color and style while providing more functional storage solutions!

While most bathroom cabinets are installed into walls, there are other ways to create extra storage solutions. You could build alcove cabinets into alcoves, close off doorways, or bolt them directly to walls for safety and resale value purposes.

Custom cabinets can help transform unusual spaces into useful storage, such as the closet in your children’s bedroom or even an extra bedroom in your home.

Best of all, they’re very cost-effective to build and can be customized to match the decor of any bathroom. Plus, they’re more durable than freestanding cabinets and offer much more storage capacity – you can even choose between wooden or plastic materials!

2. Paint Them

Do you want to add extra storage space or just give your bathroom a refresh with new cabinets? Painting them can help! Painting cabinetry is an economical and stylish way of modernizing the space and will add some style to the room.

First, remove all objects from your cabinet and drawers. Set up drop cloths around your work area in order to protect both floors and countertops from paint stains.

Utilize a fine-grit sanding block to thoroughly sand cabinet and door fronts before painting them, creating an even surface for painting.

If you plan to paint the insides of the cabinets as well, sanding can give them a smooth, finished surface and help you avoid sagging or drips when painting.

3. Add Hanging Organizers or S-Hooks

Hanging organizers or S-hooks are an easy and cost-effective way to add storage space in the bathroom, from towels and makeup storage to creating a shower caddy.

Hanging organizers can help save space in your laundry room by holding items such as dryer sheets, detergent tabs, lint rollers, and spare buttons.

One way to reduce clutter in the bathroom is by installing an over-the-door towel rack, available from home improvement stores and designed specifically to hang over closet or cabinet doors.

S-hooks can also make for an efficient display of delicate teacups and mugs, freeing up counter space while making your coffee bar seem more welcoming.

4. Add Magnetic Organizers

Finding exactly what you need when your bathroom cabinets are overstuffed with toiletries and beauty products can be difficult. To streamline your morning routine more efficiently, consider investing in some smart storage solutions to increase efficiency in this space.

Magnetic strips on your medicine cabinet doors are an effective way to store small tools like nail clippers and bobby pins safely while making your bathroom look sleeker.

Tiered baskets offer another great solution for bathroom storage, offering convenient access to towels or other large items that might otherwise occupy too much shelf or caddy space.

5. Add Plastic Dividers or Cabinet Organizers

Your bathroom cabinet can serve as an efficient place for storing items you frequently use, so keeping it neat and organized will make getting ready each morning much simpler and stress-free.

Instead of keeping toiletries and other products scattered across your cabinet, use plastic dividers to keep them separated. For example, store shampoo and conditioner separately with their respective tray so they don’t become mixed up with other items.

Use trays and dividers in your vanity drawers to keep makeup supplies organized and easily accessible – they are simple to use while looking great!

If your bathroom doesn’t feature closed cabinets, an adjustable two-tier shelving unit is an effective way to maximize under-sink storage space. This metal model features an easy-access bottom shelf with sliding functionality, while the second, smaller shelf fits neatly underneath without interfering with plumbing pipes.

6. Add Wallpaper

Wallpaper can instantly transform a bathroom into an aesthetically pleasing space. It can create an eye-catching focal wall, add texture and depth, or provide contrast against an otherwise flat environment.

Based on your bathroom style, there is an abundance of patterns and colors you can select for decorating. Wallpaper can make a dramatic statement, while simpler patterns create an elegant ambiance.

Patterned wallpaper around large bathroom mirror cabinets can add vibrancy and accent features such as basins or mirrors in any space while at the same time hiding undesirable items like radiators or towel rails from view.

For a splash-proof alternative, consider contour wallpaper that mimics marble or mosaic tiles. Easy to hang up and with its water-resistant coating, contour wallpaper makes an excellent addition to the bathroom environment.

7. Add a Lazy Susan

An inexpensive lazy Susan is an effective way to organize the contents of a cabinet. This versatile tool can be used for various storage purposes, such as medicine, first aid supplies, shaving cream, and makeup storage.

Lazy Susans are popular space-saving kitchen storage solutions featuring rotating shelves that make finding what you need easy.

These pivots come in different shapes: round or D-shaped ones are ideal for kitchen cabinets with diagonal corners. Mounts hold them securely while they turn freely.

Use a lazy Susan in your bathroom to store shampoos, soaps, and body washes, as well as hair accessories like combs. It also makes an ideal space saver.