Top 5 Bathtub Faucet Manufacturers in Europe

In the world of bathroom elegance and functionality, Europe stands tall with manufacturers that excel in creating exquisite bathtub faucets. These companies understand that the right faucet not only enhances the bathing experience but also adds a touch of style to your bathroom oasis. Let’s explore the top five bathtub faucet manufacturers in Europe, each contributing to the artistry of bathroom design.

Top 5 Bathtub Faucet Manufacturers

1. Hansgrohe 

From the heart of precision engineering in Germany, Hansgrohe emerges as a leader in crafting bathtub faucets that seamlessly combine form and function. The company’s commitment to innovation is reflected in its diverse range of designs, catering to various tastes. Whether you prefer a classic, timeless style or a modern, sleek look, Hansgrohe ensures that your bathing experience is elevated with the perfect blend of German craftsmanship and aesthetic appeal.

2. Villeroy & Boch 

Germany continues its reign in the world of bathtub faucets with Villeroy & Boch, a company known for its timeless elegance and innovative design. Villeroy & Boch’s bathtub faucets not only serve as functional fixtures but also as exquisite pieces of art for your bathroom. With a focus on quality materials and meticulous craftsmanship, Villeroy & Boch ensures that your bathing ritual is accompanied by a touch of sophistication, embodying the essence of German excellence.

3. Grohe 

Another German contender on the list, Grohe, has earned a reputation for delivering bathtub faucets that redefine luxury and convenience. Grohe’s faucets are characterized by cutting-edge technology and ergonomic design, offering a harmonious bathing experience. The company’s commitment to water efficiency and durability ensures that its faucets not only provide a sense of opulence but also contribute to sustainable living. With sleek designs and intuitive features, Grohe continues to be a go-to choice for those seeking a perfect balance of style and functionality.

4. Cea Design 

Italy, renowned for its artistic heritage, introduces Cea Design as a notable manufacturer of bathtub faucets. Cea Design’s faucets are more than functional fixtures; they are expressions of Italian design sensibilities. The company’s commitment to creativity is evident in its avant-garde designs, turning your bathtub into a focal point of artistic elegance. Cea Design faucets bring a touch of Italian flair to your bathroom, offering a unique blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal.

5. Gessi 

Italy makes another significant contribution to the world of bathtub faucets with Gessi, a company known for its commitment to luxury and innovation. Gessi’s faucets are designed to transform your bathing space into a sanctuary of indulgence. The company’s attention to detail and use of high-quality materials result in faucets that not only exude opulence but also stand the test of time. Gessi brings a touch of Italian luxury to your bathroom, making your bathing experience a truly pampering affair.


The faucets go beyond mere functionality; they are statements of style and luxury, turning your bathtub into a haven of relaxation and beauty. You can also complement your bathtub faucet with our Mirrotic LED mirrors, completing the transformation of your bathroom into a sanctuary of modern comfort and elegance.