Top 7 Best Vanity Mirrors With Lights for Makeup and Hair Styling

When shopping for a new vanity mirror, you may be wondering whether LED lights are the best option for your needs. Most mirrors are designed with LED lights to provide the best illumination, but you can also find models with dimmable or adjustable brightness. Some models even feature magnifying capabilities, so you can more accurately apply your makeup. Also, consider its size, foldability, and power features.

Mirrotic LED Backlit Mirror 1001

Whether you are a professional makeup artist or just love to put on your makeup and hair, you will love the 23 LED lights in this double-sided mirror. Its lighting gives you the best possible view of your hair, makeup, and outfit. You will also be able to save up to 80% of energy with this mirror, thanks to its energy-efficient design. The mirror has a weighted base for stability and is foldable for easy storage. Mirrotic mirrors have many benefits, including energy efficiency, durability, and adequate illumination. They provide sufficient lighting for everyday use without adding additional light fixtures that can cramp your space. 

My Canary Lighted Makeup Mirror

The My Canary Lighted Makeup Mirror is one of the most popular wall-mounted mirrors. It comes in three colors and offers double-sided magnification. It features a ring of bright LED lights and has three brightness settings. It also has a removable magnifying mirror and a gold-rimmed acrylic makeup organizer. Users love this product’s versatility and durability.

HotLife LED Lighted Makeup Mirror

The HotLife LED Lighted Makeup Mirror has a classic Hollywood vibe and features 12 3W LED lights. It offers two magnification options: daylight and warm light, a 360-degree free rotation, and memory function. It has a sturdy metal frame and plugs into a standard wall outlet via a 12V adapter. Among its other features, it’s easy to assemble, offers 10x magnification, and has a stylish design.

iHome Reflect iCVBT2 Adjustable Vanity Mirror

The iHome Reflect iCVBT2 is an adjustable vanity mirror with Bluetooth capabilities. It features Bluetooth speakers, a built-in phone charger, and two different light settings – strobe and normal. It also includes a USB port for charging your mobile device. A 4.5-star rating on Amazon indicates that this mirror is a solid buy. Here are some of its best features:

ReignCharm 6-Smart LED Light Bulbs Hollywood Vanity

The ReignCharm 6-Smart LED Light Bubs for Hollywood Vanity Mirrors are made in the United States. They have 12 LED lights and can be controlled using a knob. The mirror also features Bluetooth speakers and an LCD display that shows volume and temperature. These mirrors are perfect for illuminating your makeup routine. Those who like to listen to music or podcasts while they are grooming themselves will definitely love this product.

Vovoly Tri-Fold Cosmetic Mirror 

Considering the price, the Vovoly Tri-Fold Cosmetic Mirror is worth its price. Its unique design allows you to rotate it horizontally and use it as a desk lamp. You can press the icon on the mirror to switch to the lamp mode. This mirror is perfect for late-night touch-ups. You can also use it to check your hairstyle if you are a professional.

Artifi Lighted Makeup Mirror 

The Artifi Lighted Makeup Mirror is a compact, lightweight mirror with a built-in light. Its design is minimalist, and its cost is affordable, too. Its magnifying power is ten times more powerful than an ordinary mirror, so you can easily see every detail of your face and apply makeup. Its 10.7-inch mirror has 21 dimmable LEDs. It has memory functions that let you remember your last three lighting settings.