What Size Should a Bathroom Mirror Be?

Whether you are planning to purchase a new vanity or replace the one you already have, you should know the size of your room before buying a new mirror. The width of the vanity and the height of the ceilings are just a few things to consider. You also need to consider the length of the mirror and the height of the wall. Then, you need to measure the space between your mirror and the sink or vanity.

The Width Of Your Vanity

The width of your vanity should be at least 18 inches from the edge of the cabinet to the center of your toilet. However, you can opt for a narrower vanity if the height of the room is not too high. Depending on your needs, you can buy a vanity with a depth between 13 to 24 inches. You can also buy a vanity with two sinks that are usually built to a standard height. In most cases, a double vanity measures 60 to 72 inches wide. Moreover, most of these vanity units are about 21 inches deep.

Besides the width of your vanity, you should also measure the height of the mirror to make sure that the mirror can be positioned properly. Make sure that the height of the mirror does not go beyond the width of your vanity. 

How Much Space Between The Countertop And Lights

The height of your bathroom mirror should be at least six inches higher than the countertops and lights. You want to leave room to allow water splashes. A two-foot mirror should be 69 inches high. A taller mirror will open up the space, provide better lighting, and provide you with a good angle to gaze. However, the height of the mirror depends on its shape and size.

The Height Of Your Ceilings

The height of your ceilings is a critical factor when choosing a bathroom mirror. Depending on the style and design of your bathroom, the size of your mirror may be smaller or larger than the height of the other fixtures in the room. Whether you are remodeling your bathroom or installing a new one, make sure to measure the ceiling height before purchasing a mirror. The height of the mirror will affect the size of other bathroom fixtures, including the sink and toilet.

The Overall Size Of Your Bathroom

The size of your bathroom mirror is crucial. It is important that the overall height is correct and that the mirror is placed over the basin. This placement is most convenient for the person using the bathroom and is ideal for ensuring that the mirror reflects the best natural light. Once you have determined the size of the mirror, you will want to determine where you will hang it. The overall height of the mirror should be about 57″ to 60″ from the floor.

What Kind Of Lights do You Want For The Vanity

When choosing a lighting fixture for a bathroom mirror, consider the size of the space available. For an average-sized mirror, two lights above the sink should be placed at eye level and a couple of inches from the mirror’s edge. If you’d like to install a single light above the mirror, place it 80 inches from the floor. Choose a fixture that’s slightly smaller than the mirror, allowing the light to project upwards rather than pointing upwards.