Which Lighting Idea Will Suit Vanity Mirrors In Bathroom?

You can find a wide variety of lighting options for your vanity bathroom mirrors. The main thing to keep in mind is that you must adhere to the guidelines when choosing lights. For instance, you can choose to mount task lights above the vanity or install a separate fixture in the middle of the bathroom. To find out what works best for your bathroom, visit a website that provides design inspiration. 

Vanity mirror lighting matters, even in small powder rooms. Without proper lighting, it can overshadow your statement floor. If you have a minimalist bathroom, a simple ceiling can, or ornate fixture can be overshadowing. To avoid this problem, you should consider an integrated mirror light. You can also choose sconces with different shades and install them in multiple rows. The size of your sconces should match the width of your mirror.

Vanity lighting over a bathroom mirror should be 75 to 80 inches above the floor. This is because the longer the mirror, the more light it needs. You should also use a continuous bar light instead of two separate fixtures, as this will give you fewer dark pockets. 

And remember to use only the necessary lighting and avoid any unnecessary fixtures. This way, you’ll have the right amount of light for your bathroom. And don’t forget to enjoy the benefits of the lighting scheme.

If you are looking for a lighting idea for your vanity mirrors in the bathroom, we can help you. Follow this guide to get inspiration for unique lighting ideas.

What Are Vanity Mirrors in Bathroom?

Vanity bathroom mirrors are mirrors that you place above the sink basin or vanity. These mirrors are designed to reflect natural light. Before you purchase a vanity mirror, measure the size of your sink basin and vanity. Also, keep in mind the height of the walls. A high vanity will have a higher mirror than a low-ceiling sink, and vice versa.

There are different types of vanity bathroom mirrors, and you can choose the one that fits your bathroom’s theme best. Some have frames, while others don’t. Framed mirrors may look elegant and sophisticated. If you’re looking for a mirror that’s framed, you can get a framed mirror. These are generally larger than a typical vanity mirror, but they can still be useful and provide a great deal of lighting.

If you like to try on makeup while standing in front of a bathroom mirror, you’ll appreciate a magnifying one. Some mirrors even magnify five times so you can see every detail. You can also opt for a light-emitting diode-lit mirror. LED-lit mirrors not only provide a realistic reflection but also conserve electricity. They also produce pure white light. You may want to consider a rechargeable model.

Which Lighting Idea Will Suit Vanity Mirrors in Bathroom?

The style of your bathroom will determine which type of lighting will best suit your vanity mirrors. There are many different ideas to consider, including modern, transitional, eco-friendly, globes, and more. Here are a few of the most common.

  • Modern

One way to create a flattering light over your vanity mirror is to install two vertical fixtures on either side. One should be mounted above the mirror and the other at eye level. To provide even illumination, place both fixtures at eye level and between sixty and seventy inches off the floor. For added effect, consider installing a bathroom chandelier. Some of the most popular styles of modern vanity mirror lighting use LED technology as the primary light source. LEDs have several advantages, including energy efficiency, performance, and durability. The technology is also incredibly versatile, and you can find a fixture that suits your needs and budget. 

  • Eco-friendly

The best type of light for a vanity mirror is soft white light, so consider using bulbs that match natural daylight. If you have a large vanity mirror, consider buying a model that is LED-equipped, as LEDs use far less energy than a single bulb and do not produce heat. They are also more energy-efficient than standard bulbs. There are many different color choices, and you can choose one that matches your room’s decor.

  • Globes

Another way to illuminate a vanity mirror is to use a globe light bulb. These bulbs can either be exposed or have clear shades. Using globe light bulbs will accent the geometric design of a round vanity mirror. These bulbs will not only enhance the overall look of your vanity mirror but also offer enough light to see clearly.

  • Sconces

Sconces are great accent pieces to add a bit of modern style to your bathroom. You can install sconces beside or above the vanity mirror to achieve the same look. Or, you can replace wall-mounted fixtures with hanging bathroom pendants. Sconces for vanity mirrors in the bathroom are best placed about 18 inches from the center of the mirror. For double-sided mirrors, you can place two middle sconces. Otherwise, you can place one on each side of the mirror. To create an even light, you can install two side-by-side sconces on either side of your vanity mirror. 

  • Track lights

One way to create uniform lighting for your vanity mirror is to install track lights above it. Place two lights on either side of the mirror to create shadow-free lighting for your face. The ideal distance between the lights is 28 inches, and the height should be at least 60 inches off the floor. There are several types of track lighting fixtures available. Line voltage track systems are most common in residential settings. Another type is called fixed rail lighting, which attaches to a linear bar rather than the ceiling. A typical track light head resembles a miniature spotlight with adjustable shades and reflectors. It gives an intense but not overly harsh glow to your face. 

  • OptFor Symmetry

When lighting your bathroom vanity mirror, opt for symmetry. Ideally, you’ll have a single mirror over each sink. If your vanity area is not symmetrical, consider installing one large oversized mirror over each sink. Choose a rectangle or square shape. Oval and round mirrors are difficult to light because they don’t have corners, but rectangular and square fixtures maintain proportion and provide a radiant glow. Opt for symmetrical lighting over a single light source. The bathroom mirror you choose should match the size of your vanity, so it complements the design. 

  • Attach To The Mirror

One of the easiest ways to light up a bathroom vanity mirror is to mount a light fixture on the back. It is important to choose a fixture that will fit flush against the mirror face and won’t obstruct the mirror’s surface. Once you have purchased a fixture, attach it to the mirror using screws. Make sure to use light nuts to hold the fixture in place. Tighten the screws until the light is secure but don’t over-tighten them.

  • Make It Super Simple

One way to make your bathroom more inviting is by adding side lighting. Adding side lighting to your bathroom vanity mirror will reduce shadows and create a radiance similar to daylight, making personal grooming easier and more effective. Additionally, it will add visual interest to your walls, giving your bathroom the look of an upscale spa. 

  • Try A Minimal Look

If you’re on a budget, consider installing a single, slim, or tall, suspended mirror to light your bathroom vanity mirror. It’s a great idea for small bathrooms, but you may not want to take up all the wall space in your bathroom. A single mirror is big enough to serve two people, while a large, double-sided mirror is too small to be useful for your morning routine.