Should I Buy A Bathroom Mirror Or Bathroom Mirror Cabinet?

Choosing the right size and type of bathroom mirror cabinet depends on your bathroom’s space. Whether it’s a small one, a large one, or something in between, make sure to take measurements of the entire area. 

A smaller mirror will fit on a vanity, while a larger one may take up more space. In addition to the mirror, your vanity will likely house a medicine cabinet, so you’ll want to make sure the cabinet is large enough to hold all the items you intend to keep in it.

The design is another consideration. While many mirrors have a traditional design, you can go with a modern version that is shabby chic. Some models even have Bluetooth-enabled audio speakers. 

Besides serving as a storage space, a bathroom mirror cabinet can also be used as a medicine cabinet. These are useful in that they can hold cleaning supplies and accessories. 

If you are confused about buying a bathroom mirror or a bathroom mirror cabinet, continue reading this article. 

What Is a Bathroom Mirror?

When we think of bathroom mirrors, we usually imagine one large mirror hanging over the vanity. While this is a convenient choice, it lacks personality. In reality, there are many different types of bathroom mirrors, including wall-mounted and recessed models.

Telescopic models are ideally suited for grooming tasks, while framed ones are designed for the larger, wider mirror. For best results, install the mirror five centimeters from the walls and use a spirit level to check its level. 

Similarly, metal mirrors can enhance the decor of any bathroom. Metal frames tend to look contemporary and match the silver fixtures. Bronze, however, is heavier than aluminum and may need extra anchoring. 

Another type of bathroom mirror is the oval mirror. This is an excellent choice for smaller bathrooms as they can fit in narrow spaces. Oval mirrors are often regarded as being more formal but can also be mounted horizontally. 

What Is a Bathroom Mirror Cabinet?

If you have a small bathroom, you may have trouble finding storage for all your toiletries. Mirror cabinets can be an easy solution to this problem. Not only can they store all your shaving and grooming necessities, but they can also serve as a medicine cabinet. Their benefits are numerous, including reducing bathroom clutter and providing a seamless view. 

These units are made of sturdy water-resistant materials, such as molded plastic, sealed wood, or painted wood. Mirror cabinets are also made of glass. However, if you’re looking for an affordable cabinet, look out for thin plastic, as this will quickly yellow and lose its clarity. 

Before buying a medicine cabinet, it’s important to decide how big your bathroom is and how many mirrors you need. The size of your medicine cabinet should be proportional to the size of the sink and toilet. It’s best to buy a smaller cabinet than a large one. 

Should I Buy a Bathroom Mirror Or Bathroom Mirror Cabinet?

When choosing a new bathroom mirror, make sure you select one that fits the dimensions of the vanity unit. Bathroom mirror cabinets come in several different styles. 

Consider choosing one that has a frameless design or a sliding one to avoid feeling in the face of the mirror. You should also consider the style of the vanity unit, as certain styles are less suited to small spaces. 

One of the most important factors to consider when buying a bathroom mirror is how the mirror will be used. Experts recommend that mirrors be installed at eye level, five to eight inches above the sink, and four feet above the floor. Ideally, the mirror will sit in the middle of the vanity lighting. 

If you don’t have any storage space in your bathroom, it is best to choose a bathroom mirror cabinet. This way, you can enjoy a mirror as well as cabinet storage space. However, if you already have storage cabinets in your bathroom, you can simply go with a sleek and stylish bathroom mirror.