Where Will The Mirror Or Cabinet Be Hung?
Before purchasing a cabinet or mirror, determine the placement. How high does the mirror or cabinet need to be? The average eye level is approximately five feet above the floor. You can hang the mirror so that the top portion of the glass is a couple of inches above eye level for the tallest person […]
Why We Love Mirror Cabinets?
Why do we love mirror cabinets? In this article, we’ll explore the advantages and disadvantages of using this type of medicine cabinet. While the mirror is a good way to add some character to your bathroom, it also gives you storage space.  A narrow cabinet makes efficient use of wall space and includes a mirror. […]
Should I Buy A Bathroom Mirror Or Bathroom Mirror Cabinet?
Choosing the right size and type of bathroom mirror cabinet depends on your bathroom’s space. Whether it’s a small one, a large one, or something in between, make sure to take measurements of the entire area.  A smaller mirror will fit on a vanity, while a larger one may take up more space. In addition […]