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Mirrotic has developed in-depth cooperation with many resorts, hotels, guesthouses, and clubs around the world as a high-quality Chinese supplier of hospitality lighting mirrors in the past 20 years.

Comprehensive product customization services, fast delivery cycles, and perfect after-sales service are the unique manufacturer features of Mirrotic. Create your own high-end hospitality lighted mirror now!

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Hospitality Lighted Mirrors

To meet the needs of hotels and upscale public spaces, we introduce the Kath | Rectangular Copper-Free Wall Mirror with Lights.

> Outstanding Design and Functionality: Essential for hotels, the rectangular mirror is surrounded by LED lights, illuminating the bathroom and expanding the sense of space visually.

> IP44 Protection Rating: Suitable for humid areas such as bathrooms and balconies, splash-proof, and prevents black oxidation.

> Smart Features: Anti-fog heating for the mirror, touch lighting adjustment, adjustable color temperature, and a multifunctional module including a clock and temperature display.

> Rich Optional Features: Digital clock, 3x magnifying mirror, USB, shaver socket, wireless charger, Bluetooth speaker, etc., catering to various needs.

> Diverse Sizes and Models: Sizes range from 500X700 to 800X1500, with models including Alpha, Bravo, etc., for selection.

Kath - Rectangle Copper Free Illuminated Mirror

Recommended Hospitality Lighted Mirrors

Our hotel mirror with light includes:

Bathroom Mirror with Light

Bathroom Mirror with Light

Mirrotic bathroom light mirror is equipped with an anti-fog function and is suitable for use when grooming. At the same time, it supports dimming and color changing, making it convenient for customers to apply makeup or shaving. Choose the right lighted vanity mirror for your hospitality venue now.

full-length mirror

Full-Length Mirror

Mirrotic supports customizing flat mirrors in various shapes, including round, rectangular, and oval, suitable for any bedroom or cloakroom and can meet your full-length mirror customization needs.

Wall-Mounted Ambience Mirror

Wall-Mounted Ambience Mirror

Mirrotic Ambience mirrors can be perfectly adapted to hotels, resorts, and clubs with different themes, creating an exclusive lighting environment for your hospitality venue.

Touch Screen Mirror

Touch Screen Mirror

Mirrotic's Mirrors have interactive functions, including multiple controls, magnifying mirrors, Bluetooth speakers, digital clocks and temperatures, etc. to meet various interactive needs in guest rooms or public areas, in line with the high-end positioning of your venue.

Storage Mirror Cabinet

For smaller room types, we recommend Mirrotic's mirror cabinet series. The additional storage function improves practicality while pursuing the appearance of a mirror. It suits residential settings such as short-term rental apartments.

Custom Mirror

As a high-quality lighting mirror manufacturer in China, Mino provides customized services for manufacturers in need. Mirrors can be customized according to your needs and decorative style. They can be mirrors of special shapes, sizes, or materials. Request a quote today!

women makeup with hotel lighted mirror

Enhances Guest Experience

Fogging in the bathroom and dim makeup are two major pain points for bathroom mirrors. Mirrotic’s bathroom lighted wall mirror supports anti-fog, dimming, and color-changing functions, providing guests with a more convenient and comfortable user experience.

Any Size, Any Shape

Mirrotic provides a full range of hotel mirror customization services, from hotel rooms to fitness centers, from spas to public toilets. As long as you have specific manufacturing needs, of any size and shape, Mirrotic will help you enhance the beauty of the mirror.

public bathroom of hotel
mirror cabinet for Space Saving

Wisely Using For Every Inch

For the problem of limited space, Mino also has a perfect solution. The storage mirror cabinet series launched by Mirrotic is very suitable for smaller rooms. The exclusive storage function perfectly uses the vertical space, providing more practicality for hotel rooms.

Ecological Sustainability

Mirrotic’s products comply with UL/ETL/CE/CB/SAA standards and have a safety backing film, which improves the durability of the mirror and is in line with modern hotels’ pursuit of environmental protection.

Ecological Sustainability

Why Choose Mirrotic?


High-quality products and customized services

Mirrotic's LED wall mirrors support free customization of sizes and shapes, while also providing multifunctional customization services, including anti-fogging, adjustable lighting, Bluetooth speakers, and more, compliant with UL/ETL/CE/CB/SAA standards, catering to various room requirements in hotels and enhancing customer experience. During the manufacturing process, strict adherence to quality control, backed by 14 patents, ensures the mirrors' high quality and reliability.


Fast Production and Delivery Cycles

Mirrotic boasts strong production capacity, with a monthly output of approximately 40,000 units and a production cycle of just 35 days. This is achieved through not only multiple production lines but also the use of advanced technology machines for fully automated cutting, processing, and assembly. This means you can swiftly acquire customized mirrors to meet the decoration and renovation needs of your hotel premises.


Global sales network and extensive experience

Mirrotic's products are sold in over 100 countries, backed by over 20 years of industry experience, enabling us to establish solid partnerships worldwide. Understanding the importance of customer satisfaction in the hotel industry, Mirrotic is committed to providing you with premium products and services, ensuring your guests can enjoy an unforgettable vacation experience.

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Precision, Innovation, and Quality Assurance: Manufacturing Process of Mirrotic

Mirrors are a necessity in hotels

Hotel mirrors play a role in hospitality settings such as resorts, hotels, guesthouses, and clubs. They serve as functional decorations, also a sense of space, and enhance user experience. To meet the demand for mirrors in these venues, Mirrotic is committed to providing high-quality, multifunctional custom mirror products.

How are mirrors constructed?

Mirrors are typically composed of glass, a reflective coating, and a frame. The glass is usually precisely cut, accurately edged, and precisely shaped before coating to create a reflective effect.

What are the steps in the mirror manufacturing process?

1. Precision Cutting: Mirrotic uses advanced cutting machines to cut glass sheets into the required sizes and shapes, ensuring that our mirrors meet customers’ exact specifications.

2. Accurate Edging: For rectangular mirrors, dedicated edging machines are used to ensure smooth, safe edges. For irregularly shaped mirrors, Mirrotic uses CNC machines for precision processing.

3. Precision Shaping: CNC machines are used to shape and detail the mirrors, creating more complex designs and unique shapes, ensuring high precision and consistency.

4. Specialized Grinding: Grinding the edges to remove excess material and refine the edges, making the mirror more visually appealing and durable.

5. Glass Cleaning: Use specialized cleaning machines to clean the glass, ensuring the surface is free of any dirt or residue, and preparing it for coating.

6. Mirror Coating: Using precision coating technology to apply the reflective coating to the glass surface, creating the mirror’s reflective effect and ensuring uniformity of the coating.

7. Laser Engraving: Providing laser engraving services for customers requiring personalized designs, such as hotel logos. Laser engraving creates unique decorative effects, enhancing the mirror’s visual appeal and helping to shape your brand image.

8. Sandblasting: Sandblasting the mirror surface to create unique frosted or etched designs, making the mirror more unique and aesthetically pleasing.

Choose Mirrotic as your manufacturer and create a unique hotel mirror experience!

As a professional mirror manufacturer, Mirrotic provides high-quality, multifunctional custom mirror products for hospitality settings such as resorts, hotels, guesthouses, and clubs, through its precise, innovative, and quality-assured manufacturing process. It meets customers’ diverse needs, creating comfortable, stylish spatial atmospheres and enhancing user experience. Get a quote now!